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«Demonic Sword Gram» (魔剣グラム, Maken Guramu?) is the second strongest legendary sword in «ALfheim Online». The only weapon that surpasses it, is the legendary «Holy Sword Excaliber». It is currently owned by the Salamander «General Eugene», who was considered to be the strongest player in ALO before Kirito's initial foray into the world.

In order to wield this sword, it is said that the wielder needs to have a Two-handed Sword skill level of at least 950.


Demonic Sword Gram bonus skill 2

Ethereal Shift in effect, passing through Kirito's sword.

This large, two-handed crimson great sword features the unique ability of «Ethereal Shift» (エセリアルシフト, Eseriaru Shifuto?), which allows it to phase through objects such as swords or shields in order to hit its target. Although this ability is an enormous advantage against inferior weapons such as Kirito's «Black Iron Great Sword», it has its limitations, namely that it cannot pass through separate objects in a quick succession. Kirito uses this to his advantage to defeat Eugene by borrowing Leafa's sword to make use of his experience of dual wielding, as Gram could not pass through both weapons at once.


  • The name Gram is probably a reference to a mythical sword of the same name. It is said that Sigurd, a legendary hero of Norse Mythology, used Gram to kill the dragon Fafnir.