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A FullDive (フルダイブ, FuruDaibu?) is the act during which one uses technology to fully immerse one's consciousness in a virtual reality. Developed by Kayaba Akihiko, the technology led to the creation of the device NerveGear. It is the basis of most of the stories in the entire Sword Art Onlineseries.

Known VR ConsolesBearbeiten

  • Large scale amusement park machine[1]
  • NerveGear
  • AmuSphere
  • AmuSphere 2 (provisional)
  • Medicuboid
  • Brain Implant Chip
  • Soul Translator
  • Neuro Linker (Accel World crossover)

2nd GenerationBearbeiten



Kirito wearing a Nerve-Gear unit.

The «NerveGear» (ナーヴギア, Nāvugia?) is a 2nd[1] generation FullDive machine that was created by Argus. It only has a single interface that covers a player's whole head and face. It completely controls the player's consciousness by redirecting the signals the brain sends to the body and sending its own waves to stimulate the five senses. It has its own battery source, as well as a high frequency electromagnetic microwaves transmitter. Puzzles, education related games, or environmental type games were first produced for NerveGear. Therefore, Sword Art Online was a major excitement to all gamers. This design trapped 10,000 players during the official launch of Sword Art Online in September 2022. It is the first VR technology that has been mass-produced.


Amu Sphere

An AmuSphere, the revised version of the NerveGear.

The «AmuSphere» (アミュスフィア, Amyusufia?) is a 2nd[1] generation FullDive machine, which was co-developed by RECT Progress Inc.. The system has been modified to make it safer than its predecessor by changing the microwave transmitter to a low frequency one. The AmuSphere's design incorporates various sensors that continually monitor blood pressure and brain waves and provoke a safety logout feature in case that the person's status becomes abnormal. In addition, the AmuSphere does not completely block out signals from the body, like NerveGear did, so some players may pay extra for specialized rooms designed to make the experience in the virtual world more real by excluding the sounds and sensations from the outside.

3rd GenerationBearbeiten

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To use NerveGear and AmuSphere, the player places the game console over the head. They will then plug an internet cable connected to the console into the wall. Then, the player will lay down in a comfortable position, usually in a bed. Afterwards, the helmet-like console will activate through the initiation words «Link Start» and will begin loading the currently inserted game.


  • In volume 4, chapter 8 of the Accel World light novel, an unnamed VR machine that is similar in background to the NerveGear is mentioned. Episode 22 of the anime adaptation of the series confirmed that the unnamed machine is a NerveGear.
  • In web version of the novel, A NERve Direct Linkage Environment System or NERDLES (ニードルス, Nīdorusu?) is required for a FullDive. This term does not appear in the published version.