Not to be confused with the Searcher spell in ALfheim Online.
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«Searching» (索敵(サーチング), Sāchingu?, lit. "searching for the enemy") is a skill in Sword Art Online that improves the player's detection range.


  • Increases the range at which a cursor of a monster or player is displayed.[1]
  • Increases the maximum range at which an object can still be seen.[1]
  • Allows the detection of monsters and players in Hiding if the skill is high enough in level.[2]
  • Gives the player night vision in dark areas.[3]
  • With a proficiency level of 980, players are able to detect the number of players beyond walls.[4]

Known ModsBearbeiten

  • «Bonus for the number of simultaneously detected enemies» (同時索敵数ボーナス, Douji Sakuteki Sū Bōnasu?)[5]
  • «Detection range bonus» (索敵距離ボーナス, Sakuteki Kyori Bōnasu?)[5]
  • «Tracking» (追跡, Tsuiseki?)[6][5]
  • «Detection» (探知(ディテクション), Ditekushon?)[7]



Footprints displayed by the Tracking skill.

Tracking is a feature that allows a player to track down a monster or player registered as a friend.[6] Tracking can be activated by calling out the main menu window, selecting «Searching» from the skill tab and selecting «Tracking» from the skill's sub-menu.[6] If the user is tracking a player, they may insert the name of the player into a pop-up input window.[6] Once a target is selected, pale green footprints appear in the player's vision, showing which way the target went.[6] As the level of the skill increases, the user will be able to see older footprints.[6] At the lowest level, the user may only see footprints that were made up to around a minute before the use of the skill.[6]




  • The player's map is also enhanced by the player's Searching skill, allowing the player to show the position of any detected monster or player to other players.[8]
  • When Searching is used to enhance the player's vision, the player's eyes begin to glow green.[9][10][11]