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«Swilvane» (スイルベーン, Suirubēn?); also known as the «Emerald Capital», is the Sylph territory's Capital city.


The city is easily recognizable by the dazzling and gigantic «Tower of the Wind» (風の塔, Kaze no Tō?), the symbol of Swilvane, at the city's center. Behind the Tower lies the «Lord's Mansion», where the current Lord (or Lady) of the Sylphs resides. Leafa believes that the mansion is the most superior building in all of Alfheim.

The city itself lives up to its name as the «Emerald Capital»: spires of varying green shades rise along a complex airy corridors which connect the streets. Bursting out of each tower is a brilliant dark green light that gives the city an impression of a fantasy kingdom. Kirito describes the city as "beautiful".

Notable LocationsBearbeiten

  • The Tower of the Wind.
  • Lord's mansion.
  • Lily of the Valley Pavilion.
  • Narcissus Hall.

Notable EventsBearbeiten

  • Swilvane fighting tournament.