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The «Type 54 "Black Star"» (五四式・黒星(ヘイシン), Chinese:Wǔsì Shì Hēixīng?) is a handgun used by Sterben as his «Death Pistol» in Gun Gale Online, and it was also used by Asada Shino, who took the weapon from a robber and shot him with his own gun, in the real world. In reality, the Type 54 is a Chinese-made copy of the Russian TT-33 handgun, the standard issue sidearm that the Soviet military used from the 1930s until the 1950s.


Gun StatisticsBearbeiten

  • Length - 195mm[1]
  • Barrel Length - 116 mm[1]
  • Weight - 890 g[1]
  • Caliber - 7.62mm[1]
  • Ammunition - 7.62mmx25mm Tokarev[1]


Asada Shino's ChildhoodBearbeiten

In the year 2020, Asada Shino, then 11 years old, entered a post office with her mother. Shortly afterwards, a robber armed with a Type 54 handgun and likely on narcotics entered, demanding money. The robber shot an employee after he attempted to activate an alarm, then threatened to shoot Shino's mother. At that point, Shino bit the man on the arm, causing him drop the gun, which Shino seized and shot him in the torso. Shino's attacker, however, was not killed by the first shot, in part due to the fact that he was drugged and in part due to the low stopping power of the Type 54. The robber attempted to seize the gun, however, in spite of the man's attempts to disarm her and the gun's severe recoil, Shino managed to fire two more times, finally killing the man with a shot to the head. In spite of successfully protecting her mother, Shino was still traumatized by the incident, resulting in a great fear of guns, and to a lesser degree, men.

Phantom Bullet ArcBearbeiten

Vol 06 - 169

Death Gun ready to shoot Sinon, with the Black Star.

Five years later, in 2025, a mysterious player known as Sterben or «Death Gun» appeared in the VRMMO First Person Shooter «Gun Gale Online». Death Gun stated that his Type 54, or «Death Pistol», as he called it, could kill a player in real life if they died in game, in spite of the safety features in the AmuSphere that should make that impossible. Kazuto is hired by Kikuoka Seijirou to investigate the incident, where he meets Asada Shino under the display name Sinon. Together, Kirito and Sinon manage to defeat Sterben in-game and discover the truth behind his murders. It is revealed that he used his optical camouflage to read the names and addresses of players who entered the Bullet of Bullets tournament, and had his accomplices, his brother Kyouji and an ex-Laughing Coffin member, Kanamoto Atsushi, inject Succinycholine, a paralytic that causes cardiac arrest, into the victim as soon as he shoots them with the Type 54 handgun in-game.



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