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A Throwing Pick (スローイング・ピック, Surōingu Pikku?) is a type of weapon that is small, easily concealed, and used for damaging small animals or objects. Due to its size, it can only slightly damage players, but can kill smaller animals with a single strike. Some types of it are also known to have attribute called "Continuous Piercing Damage over Time (DoT)", which will inflict damage per five seconds until it is taken out.


  • A Murder Case in the Area
    • Kirito uses a pick to experiment with "Continuous Piercing DoT" while investigating with the inside-area PK Case.
    • Three Throwing Picks are thrown at the escaping phantom avenger, after Yolko appears to be killed by him, in an attempt to distract him from finishing using a Teleportation Crystal successfully, however, the Anti-Criminal Code Effect Area blocks the attack, while the avenger stays calm and completes the teleport under the cover of the bell chiming.
  • Volume 1, Chapter 15
    • Kirito throws one at Kuradeel's face to delay him from killing him when he was paralyzed, but due to the paralysis status, his aim was off and hits Kuradeel's arm instead.